Net Promoter score

NPS is a way to understand the overall positive support for your business. It works by subtracting the percentage of customers who are detractors from those who are supporters. Detractors are those who score you between 0-6 out of 10. Those who score you 7 or 8 out of 10 are called passive and do not contribute to your score. To be a promoter you have to score 9 or 10 out of 10. Sounds simple, but many great and successful businesses struggle to achieve 3 out of 10. See below graph below.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

A client survey is a great way to find out what’s missing in your business. I recently spoke with a telemarketing company who sent out a customer survey. Their feedback was that they need to communicate more. The owner thought they were communicating with their clients every week. When she investigated it, she found out her team were not doing what they should. Had she not done the survey she may have lost some of these customers. In fact she was able to address the issue and make them happy again.

I regularly ask my clients to score our sessions out of 10 and what I can do to improve the session, so they get maximum value. No one likes to be criticised but it’s a lot better than losing a client.

At ActionCOACH once a year we go a step further and get an external company to conduct a client survey, part of which is a Net Promoter Score. In the most recent survey, I was thrilled to receive a NPS of 100 which also helped me to win the ActionCOACH East Anglia award for best client ratings.

As thrilled as I am to get that great feedback I’m am always vigilant and continually looking for way that I can improve myself so I can improve the value I give to my clients.

Tip – try sending a simple survey to your clients this week with just a few questions. It’s better if you can get someone to phone them. Ask them to score you out of 10. If they score less than 9, ask them to suggest what you could do to improve your rating to a 10.

Good luck with this! Watch how it takes your business from good to great.